Finding Farideh screening at Asian World Film Festival (LA)

Finding Farideh has two screenings at Asian World Film Festival and I will be there to answer all your questions after the film!

Finding Farideh will screen at:
7th of November at 14.00h
11th of November at 21.00H

Archlight Cinema in Culver City Los Angeles.

For tickets please check here and this is the website of AWFF

Looking forward to see you all there in sunny California!

With love,

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“Art is the conversation between lovers.
Art offers an opening for the heart.
True art makes the divine silence in the soul
Break into applause.

Art is, at last, the knowledge of
Where we are standing –
Where we are standing
In this Wonderland
When we rip off all our clothes
And this blind man’s patch, veil,
That got tied across our brow.

Art is the conversation between lovers.

True art awakes the


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Finding Farideh is made WITH LOVE

Why does Finding Farideh need a second crowdfunding?

Finding Farideh is made by independandent filmmakers… what does that exactly mean?

Kourosh and Azadeh are independant filmmakers from Iran, this means that they were not hired by a production- or a film company to make this film.

They read about me and read my blog while I was already busy searching for family for almost a year… and thought it would be interesting enough to make a documentary about my first return to Iran and my search for family.

So in the category “Best international feature film” of the Academy Awards, we are competing with block buster films who all have a production company, film company and probably a huge budget for PR.
Fiction or animation films usually have a different start up than a documentary film. As they are meant for commercial use and documentary film it is all about telling the story rather than earning money with it..

The entire crew made Finding Farideh due to LOVE for film making..  due to love for the story.

Now we need to UNITE people around the world who would LOVE to support the Iranian Cinema at the Oscars 2020 in Los Angeles US.

Let us all PROVE that our love for cinema and art is much STRONGER than any sanction, than any rule or regulation made by any country.

ART has no boundaries and art is made from the HEART.
FINDING FARIDEH is made from the heart.
Finding Farideh shows that we are all HUMAN and searching for our own TRUTH in life.

This is for the LOVE of the Iranian people, my heritage, my ancestors and my birth mother and father who live in Iran. I HONOR them in my body & soul.

Pls share this page with anyone YOU think who might be interested to show the UNIVERSE we stand TOGETHER and are holding HANDS…..


With love,

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Sweet music

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Intro 2nd crowdfunding campaign Finding Farideh

Finding Farideh is Iran’s official entry for the Academy Awards 2020 for the category Best International Feature Film!

It is for the first time in history of the Academy Awards that documentaries, animation and fiction films are all allowed to enter the most popular category by foreigners, in order to win the Oscar for Best International Feature Film.

Finding Farideh is a low-budget film made by crowdfunding, with the support of our own audience via in the Netherlands and in Iran.

Finding Farideh was developed by independent filmmakers, Azadeh Moussavi and Kourosh Ataee, from Iran and with the ongoing support of myself in the Netherlands.

Finding Farideh has screened in Art & Experience cinema’s in all the big cities of Iran for 7 months. Finding Farideh was invited to screen in Asia, Europe and US during various famous film festivals and received many awards. What a blessing journey it already is!

Now the road to the Oscars becomes a very SPECIAL one with a lot of new challenges and requirements.

Why does Finding Farideh need a 2nd crowdfunding?

Finding Farideh needs to be promoted in the U.S.A. on the road to the Oscars.
A PR agency needs to make sure that Finding Farideh will screen in LA, NYC and in various big cities in the US so the American audience and members of the Academy Awards are able to watch Finding Farideh.

This all needs to happen before the voting starts for the Oscars!

Important data during this journey:

  • December 16th the shortlist will be announced @ Academy Awards;
    10 films out of 93 films will be selected in the category Best International Feature
    15 films out of more than 100 films for the category Best Documentary
  • January 13th 2020 the final top 5 list will be announced @ Academy Awards
  • February 9th 2020 the Oscar ceremony in Los Angeles @ Academy Awards

What can you do?

  • You are welcome to share this campaign with your friends and family
  • You are welcome to donate and support Finding Farideh on the road to the Oscars

Have a look at the website of Indiegogo:

The entire team of Finding Farideh is super PROUD and GRATEFUL to be able to share this personal insight of a soul searching journey with you…

Thank you, kheili mamnoon en dank je wel!!

With love,

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Finding Farideh screening at Heartland International Film Festival

Finding Farideh is screening tomorrow, 12th of October, at the Heartland International Film Festival in Indianapolis, US at 10 AM.

If you like to see the documentary there please check their website here.

Thank you Heartland Festival for showing Finding Farideh!

With love,

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Mashhad near Holy Shrine…

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