The reason why…

In 2008 I started with my pre-search. I have been to meetings provided by the Dutch government with similiar persons. Persons who are trying to find any of their biological parents. Those meetings were very interesting as we discussed many subjects we are dealing with if it comes down to the search. The possebilities , vulnerabilities, options everything is possible if you decide to start searching.

I filled out the ISS  form for my search five years ago and it took my three months to answer the question;

Why do you want to search?

This was and still is my answer;

A few years ago I started really looking to myself from the inside. I started wondering who my biological parents are. Where they are. If they still think about me. I would love to meet my biological parents as they gave me life. My life. Which I am so glad to have. I am glad to be me. But I am restless because I don’t know what happened to me from the day I was born until the day I was 16 months old, the time I was adopted. That is where my life starts for me, but I have this huge curiosity about the persons who I am related to. If I look in the mirror I want to know who’s features I have got, who’s eyes I have, I want to know who I am in a way. I feel incomplete without knowing or at least without trying to find out. Thatis why I want it to give it a try, to search, to find out if there is any information left. About them, my biological parents and family.
I would love to meet them. That is my dream.

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