Writer’s block

All of a sudden I have a huge writer’s block..

.. I love writing because it gives me peace of mind.
So if I don’t write, something is on my mind. Like in real life, if I don’t smile, something is on my mind. I love to write. And smile. To me it’s healthy. I need laughs. I need expression.

I have been working and done lots of stuff the past week and none of them included writing my life story. Why? This is why I guess..

All of a sudden I have a lot more visitors, readers, you.. the world out there as I have posted this blog onto my facebook- and twitter account.
It’s public.. I was thinking about a post, not sure. Save draft. Ok. I am a perfectionist. The site still doesn’t look as I wish, it needs a different lay out. I know what I want, but I need time to discover how to do it. So I am thinking about a 1000 other things.

Sometimes I am just scared of the future.

I need to acknowledge my shyness to be in front of all of your eyes too. It feels vulnerable. The spotlight has never been my friend. I need to focus at the greater cause of Finding Farideh.

It will be an adventure to find Farideh, and no matter what the outcome will be, it is worth while. For me. To give notice to my drive and love for my own mystery and roots.

You know how weird it is not to have a picture of myself when I was a baby, or not to know what date I was born, or who was there. Where is this piece of me? I would do anything in the world to find out.  I deserve that chance. 100%.

It is ok.
Speak up and post away Farideh..

How cool would it be if.. ?

like me, tweet me, follow me and read me. I will still be undefinable scared and love it too so no worries. I will find the Farideh in me and hope you are with me.

Life is good, I just type, and breathe in and breathe out.
It’s that simpel.

Thanks for listening.

Bye bye writersblock.. now let me start writing the best story of my life..

PS“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” RUMI

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