Sundaymorning news

and then I opened my e-mail this morning and received an e-mail from the newspaper Khorasan that they have received many calls from a woman who claims to be my biological mother!!!!

I was just about to enter my beloved bikram yoga session when I found out the translation of the e-mail and was shoqued.

Shoqued, excited, spooked, shoqued and in question. It brought tears in my eyes for a moment. What if it’s true. What if it’s not true.. and what if it’s true….!!!
Could it go this fast?? Or is somebody just saying it for the wrong reasons?
WOW, it feels like a roller coaster for sure.

My heart jumps up and down, but I can ONLY be sure after a DNA test.

So for now, it is an incredible and a very interesting time! I have asked the newspaper if she’s able to send me an e-mail.

Time will unveil the truth.
To be continued.

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2 Responses to Sundaymorning news

  1. Mich says:

    Waaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!! Wat spannend!!!

  2. Heleen says:

    Aaahhh niet normaal! Zo snel al reactie!! Hoop zo dat het klopt… Dikke kus en duim dikke duimen voor je 😀

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