After two days of waiting, trying to function normal but on the inside my heart was going like crazy, I sent another e-mail this morning to the editor as I have not heard anything yet.

I just received an answer that they are going to publish a small article tomorrow about the woman who claims to be my biological mother. I received her name and mobile phone!!!!
And she claims my name is Zahra…..  (great name by the way!)

But is the above mentioned woman indeed my biological mother???????

That is the most important question right now.

A friend of mine will call her this afternoon to talk to her. I need to unveil her story.
Lot’s of questions come to my mind, what does she look like, when was I born, who’s my dad, do I have siblings, why did she gave me away etc etc.

I am at a boiling state of mind at the moment.
Just so you know..

Hopefully more a bit later today!

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