Her story..

This is the story of the woman named Tayebeh who claims that I am her daughter Zahra…

In the 70’s Tayebeh was married to a man called Barat and they had 4 children (two boys and two girls); Sadegh, Fatemeh, Nouran and Zahra. They were fighting a lot as Barat was an addict. One day after a fight he took Zahra with him, he told her ‘to show Zahra to an aunt’ and he brought Zahra to the Shrine of Imam Reza and left her there..

As soon as Tayebeh found out, her dad (Zahra’s grand-father) went to the Imam Reza Shrine to search Zahra but he couldn’t find her. Tayebeh couldn’t return to her home as it reminded her too much of her missing baby.. Tayebeh’s mother (Zahra’s grand-mother) died because of the heart pain she felt after the loss of her grand-daughter.

She could describe what Zahra was wearing on the day she left, yellow clothes and a black scarf. Zahra was in good health when she last saw her daughter. Apparrantly Barat had done a simalar thing with an older brother of Zahra, but he could walk at that time and found his way home again.

After the life changing act of her husband she divorced him. He died 20 years ago and non of his children went to his funeral as he was a very bad guy according to her.

Tayebeh remarried and has 5 children with her new husband. One of her daughters from her new marriage was named Zahra. To keep the name alive in her heart..

She is now 67 years old, can not read or write and lives in a small village about 80 km’s from Masshad, near the city of Neyshabour. She does has a cellphone though.

A driver from Mashhad read the article about my search in the newspaper and he remembered that his mother-in-law once told him a memory about a daughter of her who was left at the Imam Reza Shrine. He brought the newspaper to her and when she saw the article with my pictures, she cried and said; She’s my daughter! She’s my daughter!

Tayebeh wants to cooperate with a DNA test and she also said that I looked like her in the pictures which were shown in the newspaper.

I am now going to arrange to have her send a picture to the newspaper, so the editor Ali whom I have contact with, could scan this and e-mail me her picture.

And today I spoke to company here in the Netherlands who are handling DNA tests. It’s actually quite easy and when I deliver the two samples, it will take around 15 days for the outcome..

In the meantime this morning I finished my life story for the newspaper too, with the help of my Persian sister Faranak. Finally I finished the story!!  I couldn’t have done this without Faranak’s help. So thank you my dear Persian sister. I love you..

To be continued.

PS. And ever has it been known that love knows not it’s own depth until the hour of separation. -Khalil Gibran-

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  1. Gijske says:

    That’s such a sad story with hopefully a beautiful end (or new start)!!!
    <3 <3

  2. Reza says:

    Hello Ms. Farrideh,

    I hope it finds you very well.

    I live in Mashhad and I read your article in domestic and of course very well-known newspaper (Khorasan=Land of the Sun) Newspaper.

    I think you would find your mommy after a long time (I’m sure, because I feel it by my heart).

    I’d like to follow this beautiful reality until to see the result, the power of God almighty.

    Best regards,

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