One week later

The past week I have been waking up very early as I know that the time in Iran is 4,5 hours ahead of us. And every day I am receiving a new e-mail from Iran. Either from the editor Ali as also now from the son-in-law Mr. Hosseiny, he is married to Zahra.

Last Friday I received the picture of Tayebeh. I will not publish her picture due to her privacy.  I have been staring to the picture and it might be is all I can think of. I am staring at her eyes… something makes me stare longer and longer. Her eyes are filled with a life full of emotions all shown at once. It breaks my heart to think what she’s been through.

Last Saturday I received a picture of Zahra and her kids. Beautiful family. I called her by phone but she didn’t speak English and I unfortunately don’t speak Persian yet. So the call was a bit confusing but I did hear her voice which was nice.

I have ordered the DNA tests last Friday and I received post yesterday. I was curious what it was, not thinking about the DNA test one bit. Hahaha, I am just really surprised that things are moving as fast like the blink of an eye.

Tomorrow I will send the test to Iran, just need to make sure to add  a good manuel in Persian for Tayebeh so she exactly knows what to do with it. And then she’ll send it back in good order to me. So I will post the two samples togehter, hers and mine, to Consanguinitas in Tilburg, the Netherlands for the result.

PS. “All that spirite desire, spirits attain.” -Kahlil Gibran-

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3 Responses to One week later

  1. Reza says:

    Good News, I am waiting . . .

    All the best

  2. Reza says:

    Hello Ms. Farrideh,

    I hope it finds you very well.

    I read your last post on your weblog. You said your phone conversation was confusing. So I just want to tell you I am English speaker and I have a friend who speaks German such as a native. We both speak Farsi (Persian) language too.

    As I said on my comment, I live in Mashhad so I would be very glad if I can do some help for you. In case if you may need to talk to them more .

    You can just send me an email and feel free if you think it would be helpful for you. So I will send you back my cell phone number.

    Kind regards & truly


  3. M. says:

    Wat ontzettend spannend!! Ik kijk even niet op je blog en whopppaaa, heel veel nieuws! Super spannend zeg! Wat moet dit gek zijn voor je. Ik word er zelf helemaal hyper van. Wat leuk, spannend en wat een verhaal… Succes met afwachten op de DNA-tests.. En keep us posted!

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