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Find Farideh week 1612
(Since I was seven, I was already wondering.)

I miss writing in Dutch. I remain a bit formal and’m really not very good used to writing in English. I was just thinking to write to keep pure. International here on another blog in Dutch

But then it occurred to me that I am the owner of this blog, so I can do what I want. I love it. If I want to write in Dutch then I have the freedom to do that. Feels good. Stand up for myself.

Sometimes I also emphasize on everything that is going on now. Every day last week was so exciting that I felt that I could scream. I had such a hard feel to cry, to feel anything in your body and to all the adrenaline to pop out. So I instead to have been the day to Bikram Yoga, good energy boost and it makes me happy, calm and strong. But everything is going through my head.

Photos out of the past and scan, what do you want to know more of her before the outcome of the DNA test comes. Want to see more pictures. Fill a time waiting on the test, even to dream, just do not know it yet.

Keep in mind no then yes all the more pleasant. And if not, well.
It is good as it is.

And if it is not, it is still a win win situation.
Because I’ve found a match to my biological mother and she her Zahra in me. That alone is a remarkable story.

And if it is then my dream come true ..
Then there are Angels.

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