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After 2 weeks of working straight at 5 different jobs, I finally have a two day weekend again this weekend! Yesterday was a family day, and today is quality time day with myself.

Yesterday evening I watched two video’s which were taped at the 14th of August of Tayebeh in Iran. Due to technical issue’s I couldn’t watched it before when I received the video’s by e-mail. The Saturday evening was actually by chance a perfect moment and time to watch them.

It was a very interesting awakening as the pictures of Tayebeh and Zahra came to life right in front of my eyes. I watched them moving, talking, smiling and crying and I hear their voices in Persian, what a beautiful language it is… Tayebeh and Zahra are becoming real human beings to me now then ever before.

After watching the two video’s I just stared for an hour into the night. To comprehend what I have just been experiencing. It got a greater effect on me then expected. I was in shock.

I only re-played the video’s again today. It is just so intense. I love them anyway already.

Have I met, seen, heared her before is all I can think of? To me they seem incredible sweet women with a glance and glow which I can not explain.  I grew up knowing that I could not ever find any of my biological family, as I was found as an orphan with no information at all.

Is this a time of revolution to proof otherwise or is it an act from the Angels who have been listening to my prayers and theirs? Either way, I have always been and am very blessed and gratefull to anyone who choses to be in my life.

The first video is Tayebeh being interviewed by my friend and the second video shows Tayebeh starting to do the DNA test, only that was interrupted by a phonecall from myself!

Wednesday the 14th of August my friend went to visit Tayebeh. And I was working at the same time here in the Netherlands. My friend told me he would be at Tayebeh around 9 o’clock in the morning (CET). So I waited for his phonecall.. After more than an hour of waiting and expecting him to give me a call, the nerves got to me. I phoned him, as I figured out he might be waiting for me to call! At that same moment, which I didn’t know, Tayebeh was about to start with the cotton swaps for the DNA test.

Funny enough is that I filmed myself when calling. What I didn’t know is that my friend did the same thing on the other side of the phone as Tayebeh was about to do the test!  So my first direct contact ever with Tayebeh, is being taped at the same moment; Tayebeh and Zahra in Iran and I, Farideh, in the Netherlands.

It is incredible to see them listening to my (clearly nervous) voice as I was on speaker. Ofcourse they didn’t understand me as I was talking English but to see their reaction when they realized as it was me on the phone and to watch them listening to the sound of my voice, is priceless.

How special is that!!!!!

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