Results of the DNA test

Yesterday evening I finally received a phone call from the DNA research centre..

I and probably you too, have been waiting for 15 long days and in the end the call caught me by surprise. I didn’t expect them to call during the evening time.

So the voice on the other side of the telephone line stated the following;

‘We here by declare that after doing DNA tests the alleged mother Tayebeh is not your biological mother. You are not her biological daughter. There is clearly no match. You can see the DNA results online and we will send you the official letter by mail. Good evening.’

It is what it is, I can not change it and deoxyribonucleic acid does not lie so this is the truth and I will continue with my search for now.

Of course it is a disappointment and I feel so sorry for Tayebeh, Zahra and her family in Iran. I hope they will understand as they felt so sure about it. In the end there were a few things which made me doubt the facts about Zahra and me. The hope in me is always larger than the doubt, so I am glad I know the outcome now.

The waiting kept me busy minded and I am truly blessed I got to know Tayebeh and her family. I will stay in touch with them and will visit them when I am in Iran. That is a fact.
They are a beautiful family carrying a loss of a missing daughter. I can feel their pain.

I will now finally send my life story to the newspaper and inform Ali, the editor, about the results of the DNA test. So hopefully again an article in the newspaper.

Find Farideh continues.

Thank you for your support and kind words.
All your comments are very welcome indeed.
It warms my heart to read you are here too.

With love,

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9 Responses to Results of the DNA test

  1. Ruben says:

    <3! I hope, even this result is not a match, it strengthens you to continue finding Farideh.

    X Ruben

  2. M. says:

    Och meid! *hug*
    Sluit me aan bij hierboven. Ook al is het geen match, laat het je niet uit het veld slaan! Het is nu in ieder geval duidelijk. Dat is misschien ook wel fijn. Ze zijn geen familie, jouw zoektocht gaat verder..! x

  3. Anouschka says:

    And the journey continues!! 🙂

  4. amir says:

    please send me your email address, maybe I can help you,my mail is
    my mother is from mashad ,she always asked from my grand mother and grand father ; where is my sister ? my aunt losted in mashad… if I know how old are you is better. tanks so much

  5. maryam says:

    Tayebeh looks similar to your but many people in Khorasan have this kind of faces. Hope you find your real mother soon and Tayabeh’s daughter was as lucky as you and live some where happily.

  6. Nick says:

    Dear Farideh,
    Sometimes it is better not to find what you missed!!! My story is not similar to yours at all, but I found my mother after years and I wish I never met her!! The image I had from her was a lot better than the person who had so much hate towards me and just wanted to use me..
    Good luck to you anyways,

  7. ali says:

    living continu

  8. Susanne says:

    Jammer! Succes met de verdere zoektocht!
    Susanne (van ITGWO)

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