My life story..

is already online at the Persian Dutch Network website!

This is also the story I will send to the Khorasan newspaper for the next article…
Thank you my dear friend Pejman for adding my life story! I already had over the 800 visitors today… I am thrilled!

So if you know anybody in Mashhad or in the province Khorasan, please do share!
I need all the help in the world… and Persians are everywhere nowadays.

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Enjoy your weekend!

Love, Farideh.

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2 Responses to My life story..

  1. javad says:


    man ahle khorasan hastam ke dar netherland sokonat daram . moshakhasate kameltari ro befermaed ta be dostan dar mashhad etela bedahim .

  2. Reza says:

    Good Luck

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