I finally sent my life story in Persian to the newspaper, including the outcome of the DNA test. Let’s wait and see if they will publish my story for now.

And I sent Tayebeh an e-mail with my doubts which I had about her missing Zahra and me, Farideh. There were 3 major differences in her story and mine.

Zahra went missing in May 1976 and I was found in July 1976.
Zahra was healthy at the time she got lost, and I wasn’t.
Zahra had a birthmark on her nose, mine only got there when I was 7 years old due to an accident.

Thank you for all the comments, from the loved ones I do know and the persons I don’t know. It is great to hear from you!

My journey continues for now..

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3 Responses to Today

  1. masoomeh says:

    Hello dear Faride
    My nشme is Masomeh , I living in Iran , I’m 20 years old,like you, I’m grew up in an orphanage.
    and now living with my sister and i going to work and support my sister.
    My father died when i was kid,and my mother died 2 years ago.And now i have got 2 sister younger than me 16 and 18.
    when i read your letter felt happy because you lived with person love you.
    Insed i read in your post ther you’ll find some one like you eyes,Dos not matter ,You ‘r eyes look like some one you loved and he just God.

  2. masoomeh says:

    Hello dear Faride
    Thank you for your answer to my letter.
    may name means is pure and innocent.I’m living in Tehran city with may sister,Their names are Narges and Fatemeh.
    Please continue to search and every thing’s entrust to God,I’ll sure find your parents.
    I’m so glad that talked to you and so happy that found a new sister.Many tanks for answering to me.
    Excuse me may English is not good.
    have nice day sister Faride.
    with best wishes for you.

  3. masoomeh says:

    What was the name of your nursery?
    you have there case,maybe you have found a post about your parent.

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