This weekend

I received the sweetest gesture ever….
A Persian lady and her husband who are living in the Netherlands are offering me to be my Persian parents in NL untill I find my biological parents in Iran.

This is an offer I can’t refuse.  My heart melts with a message like this.
To be honest, I have longed to see a Persian family on a regular base here in NL. To listen to their stories, to hear their music, to watch them dancing, to learn how to cook Persian, to learn to speak, all that kind of normal stuff. To get in touch with my roots. So that is why this offer fills my heart with pure love again.

How unbelievable SWEET is this!

Can’t wait to meet them.

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2 Responses to This weekend

  1. Reza says:

    Hello Farideh,
    It is nice to read it that you would be close to an Iranian root. It would be absolutely interesting to read your viewpoints of this (you said) gesture.

  2. Samane says:

    U said u’re helping young and persian people here, i need ur help , im persian and alone in netherland, plzhelp me

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