Counting my blessings

By starting my blog I never knew it would already bring me so many new friendships.

Last Thursday I visited my new (adopted) Persian family here in the Netherlands. They live in a beautiful place surrounded by nature. I met them and their daughter for dinner. Everything is Persian in their home, the carpets, the paintings on the wall, the pictures, the Persian flag. The Persian warmth and welcomeness I felt. We first had some tea with cookies, grapes and apples on the side. And then we had a typical Persian meal with rice, meat and a vegetable dish on the side. It was delicious! They are a beautiful wise Persian family with a warm connection and very family orientated state of mind. I am counting my blessings for getting introduced into their family.

Next week I will meet a very enthousiastic lady here in Amsterdam. She’s originally from Brazil and adopted. She e-mailed some time ago and we have been in touch ever since.

My friend Pejman who is always willing to help me translate! He is my rock in NL.

My friend Reza in Mashhad who has helped with translations, with calling Tayebeh and Zahra, with the DNA tests. That meant the world to me.

Tayebeh and Zahra and their family, who I will one day meet when I will be visiting Iran.

The girl Masoomeh in Iran who I would like to visit in Tehran.

The messages I receive from Persians I never met before and offering their help. It is incredible.

So today I am counting my blessings and am thankful already for intergrating my search into my life and to fill up this lonely Persian part of me.


PS. Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. -Greg Anderson-

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Persian Soul in Dutch Life. Flying down to earth.
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