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In the summer of 2012 I already created social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) for Find Farideh. And up to now I had only been using my blog.

I am a true believer in the power of social media. It is direct, fast and connects you to the world.

My facebook page was already public, but I didn’t really know how to get noticed there.
So a few days ago I started Twitter too (@FindFarideh). I was not aware that so many Iranians are on Twitter! I first started with the top 100 most famous Iranian women in the world (hahaha, I think that is something left from my grandmother who was a strong feminist) and checked if they are on twitter. I quickly noticed that there are millions of Iranians on twitter so I just started following randomly. And after an evening shift of work my gmail account was full of e-mails from Twitter. That feeling I never forget!

Nima Akbarpour was the first person who translated my tweets into Persian. That was exactly what I needed, as he has many followers and the retweets of his message were unbelievable! Other lovely Iranians started sharing my story onto their blogs.. I am just so impressed by the power of the Iranian social network. It is unreal!

I can tell you this, I am SO PROUD to be Dutch & feel Iranian!

So finally I started doing what I have been thinking and talking about for years:
getting out there on social media and create a snowball effect.
It is working!!!!

My ultimate goal is that every Iranian knows my story and hopefully one day my biological mother and father will hear or read this too. I am praying they will give me a chance to meet them at least once… that is all I am asking.

Yesterday evening I wanted to close down because it was already 1 o’clock (AM) and then I received a message from an Iranian man who told me he knows a person who has been working at the Imam Reza Shrine at the time I was found. He was in charge of the ‘missing children’ department. (I didn’t know this excisted!) And he talked to this man and apparently he knows families who lost their child there…!

Find Farideh continues.
Social Media it is.

Good night for now.
Tomorrow is a gift.

Miracles do happen.
And I believe in Angels.

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