5 Iranian ladies in NL..

In 2009 I discovered there is a group of Iranians in the Netherlands who all got adopted at the same time from Isfahan in the 70’s.

I received the phonenumber of Niloefar by a Dutch journalist who was in touch with this particular group. I rang Niloe and I told her I would really like to meet her, and so we did.
Ever since that moment we are friends and her dad is still very active with the group of parents who adopted their children from Iran.

In 2009 there was a gathering organized by the father of Niloe and Faranak and I were invited too.

I would really like you to show this picture as I think it is a very special moment with 5 beautiful adopted Iranian ladies in the Netherlands!

From left to right: Angelique (Isfahan), Niloe (Isfahan), Farideh (Mashhad), Faranak (Shiraz), G. (Isfahan).


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