Amsterdam, 16 december 2005

Regression Therapy

I went places where I never travelled before
Saw and felt them with a flow of trust
And belief in my life for the first time
If the start isn’t there it has no ground beneath the feet
Taken by the air I was flying in circles
Today I landed as a person with history

The grounded hurt in my heart came in sight today
I felt the pain and went through to accept and understand
The situation I am in with so little to hold on to
But so much to hope for it has not let me down this day
The energy was flowing my breathing was slow and deep
My heart was pumping while my inner soul led me the way

Way back in time I found myself on the back of a donkey
Climbing down the mountains while the sun burned our faces
The love I felt for my bioligical mom was on fire for the first time
Realizing I have to go and search her as soon as possible
The orphanage made her impression through my eyes
Being alone in the world at that age makes you feel out of love

Filled with a lot of pain, sadness, hope and most of all love
The mystery will show from time to time in my eyes and my heart
With a magical glance because I know that I am on my way
I am starting to heal my heart my faith and my love for ever
So if you catch the twinkle in my eye you know why it is there
My heart is loving you for all the special moments you are in my life


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Persian Soul in Dutch Life. Flying down to earth.
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  1. Beautiful. 🙂

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