Regression therapy

In December 2005 I did a regression therapy session in order to find out more about the memories I have about the start of my life in Iran. I choosed for regression therapy as that was the perfect way to go back in time while still being fully ‘awake’.

Regression therapy is done without hypnose and mainly done by breathing and great guidance ofcourse by the therapist. I decided on the spot to go back in time to the time I was one year old, 6 months old and 3 months old. (At that time my life started when I was 16 months old, the time I got adopted.)

At one year old I was feeling out of love. I experienced and saw images from the view I had from the crib on a white wall with glass on top. I felt pain, sadness and loneliness.

At 6 months there was a goodbye from two important women in my life. It felt that I was taken by somebody I trusted, on a horse or a donkey or a car but it was woobling for me and the image I had was that I was in the mountains and the sun burned my face.

At 3 months I felt a strong fire which was connected from the sky to my heart. This is the unseen umbilical cord. No doubt. It made me humble because it was the love and connection with my birth mother I never so purely experienced before. At that time I decided to search for her as soon as possible.

ASAP became 8 years later.. I am finally here.

Great detail is that I asked my mother about the white wall and glass on top. Did the orphanage in Tehran had those kind of walls? She answered that they weren’t so.

Two years after my regression therapy, I started my pre-search and discovered I had been in Mashhad and the lawyer sent me an archive picture of the orphanage. White walls with glass on top. And I found out I was found at 6 months old. That to me was a confirmation of what I had been experiencing in regression therapy two years before.

Pretty real.

One thing is still bothering my mind at the moment. I remember that during the regression therapy, the therapist asked me what I was wearing at the day of seperation. My answer was; yellow with a black scarf. I remember that I was thinking after the session; Why yellow? Why a black sarf?

The most scary thing about this yellow clothes and black scarf is…
it is exactly the same as Tayebeh told me about her missing Zahra.

This particular question mark is bothering my mind lately. As well as that Zahra told me, after the results of the DNA test, she had a dream in which Barat was saying that the DNA test went wrong and that he claims that I am his daughter.

You may think I am crazy, but I am not. I am open to all messages I am receiving.

So Tuesday the 12th I am going to meet the lovely therapist again after 8 years. This time it won’t be a regression session. It will be something different.

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