New story

I need time to contemplate the story…

A new story of a family who are missing their sister.

Am I the missing baby??!

I heard the story last night. It’s exciting to hear their story.
Then I start thinking about it. Is this my history? I am kind of leaning into the story, it takes a bit of time to share this with you..

What I would like to share is that the mum died at giving birth to the child. The baby was eventually handed over to her aunt. The husband of the aunt didn’t want the baby to be there so she visited the nursery a couple of times to see what the possibilites were. At last she decided to leave the baby at the Imam Reza Mausoleum and watched from a distance if the baby would be discovered. She has visited the baby anounymous a number of times at the nursery to make sure the baby was taken care of.  The father of the missing baby died when he found out that aunt gave up his baby. He became very angry and due to this stress and the loss, he died. He left four daughters and two sons behind.

This is the story in a nutshell.

Now I will be waiting to receive pictures of this family. Apparently there is also a picture of the time of birth of the baby..

Taking it one step at the time.
As I have been through this process before in August, it still hits me.

Different story, same feelings.
Different questions, same emotions.

Different history, will this one become mine?
The mystery of time and unveiling the truth has arrived again.

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