At Monday I visited my Iranian family here in the NL (the ones who offered to be my Iranian family in NL until I find my Iranian family in Iran.) as she is the one who called with the friend of the family on Saturday. We had some lovely Iranian dinner and then I asked her if we could call the family again, so we did.

This was my first direct contact with them on the phone. I talked with their daughter Zahra (that name keeps coming back!) and she speaks very well English. It was great to hear her sweet voice. She’s 18 and doing her last year in high school. I asked all the questions I had written down to get the story straight. Difficult is that back in the ’70’s nobody really knows any exact dates anymore. Zahra’s father is a friend of the family who are missing Fatemeh.

After the phonecall, we got a call from one of the sisters. She was very eager to hear my voice… so we spoke a bit, she in Persian and I in English… just to hear eachother’s voices. It just becomes all so real and close when you I heard her talk… on the other side of the phone… somewhere in Iran, a different world to me. She could say one thing I understood.. I love you, I love you… Afterwards I cried. Happy emotional tears.

Two lifes of two females who –maybe– are related. She was 12 years old when Fatemeh was born and when her mother died. Her mother was midwife. She helped others giving birth and it became fatal to her when she gave birth to her 7th baby – a baby girl named Fatemeh.. she was 37 years old at that time. The age I am today.

It is heartbreaking to hear their story, their loss and their hope again. All of a sudden I am there. Am I Fatemeh? Am I their long lost sister? Am I searching my relatives to give them reason and some peace of mind for the loss of their mother? And father? Am I Fatemeh? Am I send from above? Or are they?

At the same time I am thinking of Tayebeh and Zahra too. Our DNA didn’t match, and still I feel close to them.  They are in my heart and will always be. Just like this family.

Yesterday I received pictures of the entire family. It might be…
And again, we only know for sure after the DNA test.

Will I find Farideh? And will they find Fatemeh?
FindFarideh continues.

Thank you for listening..
Love, Farideh.

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  1. Reza says:

    it is wonderful. That sounds really good.

  2. M. says:

    Wow. It’s special. Exciting!

  3. Reza says:

    How is it going? Farideh
    Any further info would you share?

  4. marit says:

    <3 <3 <3

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