First things first

At the moment I am going to arrange a skype call. The sisters of the family who live about 3 hours drive from Mashhad, will travel to Zahra in Mashhad within the next weeks.

So they can see me and I can see them.
We will have a direct indirect call at the same time as Zahra will be our translator.

I am definitely going to record this call.
During the call I will explain them what needs to be done at their side for the DNA test.

Already imagining what it will be like for me to be looking at maybe 2 or 3 veiled sisters in Iran, with the slight possibility that I am their long lost sister.. And I am a girl, so already start thinking about… what should I wear??? Speaking of which, in the pictures I received the women are all veiled. I haven’t even asked the question yet if they have curly hair too!!

So first things first, curly hair question, skype call and arranging DNA test.
It will be an exciting month again for sure!

Enjoy your evening.
Love, Farideh

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  1. Reza says:

    Hello Farideh,
    How is it going?
    Any further things you may like to share? Do they like you (their faces)?
    With curly hair or not? Or maybe it wasn’t polite to ask at your first cyber interview?
    We’re waiting here…

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