My Iranian football shirt..

.. which I bought on holiday in Bangkok Thailand as the Islamic Republic of Iran was attending the World Cup in 1998, they would play during the flight back, as I landed in Geneva for the transfer and I was wearing  that shirt, I received many congratulations from fellow travellers on the airport so then I knew… Indeed Iran wan: 2-1 Iran-USA. Hero’s! No idea who the Iranians players are yet.. (I apologise) but they are powerful, smart and good-looking I am sure.

To do and watch.
World Cup 2014 Brazil

My firs Iranian shirt ever and I felt very proud while wearing..


Football & poetry:

I once written a poem about football..

Amsterdam, 14 juni 2006

World Cup

It brings countries together
For once it is not about religion
For once these things don’t matter

It is all about the game
And the football

It all comes down to the perfect move
And the winning goal

What a blessing for the world


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