Waiting process

Last Friday the 17th would have been the date of the outcome if the DNA was tested here in the Netherlands! So now we are going into ‘extra time’… waiting for the phonecall from Zahra in Iran. The Iranians are working during our weekends so the call can be expected when not expected. Any day of the week, any hour, any minute or second. Except for night time. They are 2,5 hours ahead of us, so the excitement comes and goes.

Then some good news is that one lady has responded to Niloefar’s article in Iran! The lady claims to be her cousin, very exciting news that is! So when Niloe’s ready she will start the same process as I am in today..! Incredible happy for her!

And Faranak is starting to get some research done at her files in the orphanage in Tehran!

So three Iranian ladies are actively searching now, as time is running out one day. We become older, and most importantly our biological parents are getting older too
(if they are still alive that is ofcourse).

Maybe it is actualy better to not know an estimated date for the DNA results.. as the tension doesn’t get stronger, it kind of stays the same.. untill my phone rings! Then I will be either silence or explode.

And I am not thinking one bit about if it is positive. I already have a no and know what it is like to have the ‘no match’ feeling, as I have had that my entire life already. I am not starting to think about the fact if it is going to be ‘a match’. If it happens, it happens. There is no preperation at all for this. Stick to the now and aim for the best.

PS.  In het leven en in de kunst moet men elke dag opnieuw beginnen. -Louis Couperus-

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