Sisters of Fatemeh

So the last week of the unknown truth has started if all goes well..

Yesterday it was Soghra’s birthday, so happy birthday Soghra! Hope you had a wonderful day with all your loved ones! Hope to meet you soon!

I got a message from Zahra that Soghra recorded my voice during our phonecall so apparantly she looks at my pictures and listen to my voice a lot of times..

I have permission of the family to show you the family…
so today I honor all the sisters of missing Fatemeh:

Soghra, Ozra, Homa and Tuba


I see some resemblance with Tuba.

If I am indeed Fatemeh then I have the same features of the father rather than the mother.

PS. We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.  -Martin Luther King-

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