FindFarideh continues.

Tomorrow there will be an article in the Khorasan newspaper about the family of missing Fatemeh and my search! I have been in contact with Ali the editor since July 2013 and he usually ends his e-mail with this senctence: ‘FindFarideh continues.’

Incredible how sweet it feels that many are part of something I started and are believing and helping me every step of the way. I feel so much joy, excitement, gratitude and love for getting this far. And the families I touch with my search. We never knew each other until FindFarideh, and all of a sudden two families are going through a surprise time in which we share the same dreams and the same hope.

In 3 weeks time it will be Now Rooz (Persian new year) and that will also be my one-year-FindFarideh celebration!

And almost as important… it becomes spring and the clock will change one hour ahead so we can enjoy the long light spring and summer evenings in Amsterdam again! I adore the sun. While being outside that is!

No news yet from Iran..

FindFarideh continues.

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