DNA test with Fatemeh’s family

Yesterday I woke up and had 5 missed calls again from Iran, but my Phone never rang. I am babysitting two lovely girls on Friday, so while changing a very dirty diaper, my Phone rang.. Timing and chaos! As I also wanted to record the moment..

Zahra stated the following: there is no match between you and Soghra. The result is negative.

Zahra had Soghra on the other line on speaker. Soghra was crying and yelling that she does not believe the test. I am fine. I am sad for them but I am fine. It’s the truth and apparantly there are more stories of missing baby girls at the Imam Reza. I do hope they continue to search for Fatemeh. They deserve to know where their sister and aunt is. And when I will be visiting Iran I am looking forward to meet each one of this family! I feel blessed to know this family.

FindFarideh continues as tonight I will hear the details about the 2 other families who called the newspaper after reading the article in the Khorasan newspaper last week..

About elinexplores

I am Eline Farideh, sometimes I am Eline and most of the time Farideh too . Always writing from both views. ElinExplores and I will Find Farideh in the meantime. Iranian Dutch. Persian Soul in Dutch Life. Flying down to earth. With love and light. For you.. and I.
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1 Response to DNA test with Fatemeh’s family

  1. M. says:

    En de zoektocht gaat voort… Toch weer 2 nieuwe families, 2 nieuwe kansen..
    Respect voor jou hoe je ermee omgaat!

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