Dear Find Farideh readers… I am back.. Just needed some time to relax, chill and breathe..

In the meantime it was Iranian New Year almost two weeks ago!
So I wish you a brilliant new year with lot’s of special moments with family and friends.

And this blog had his one year anniversary! Yihoo Find Farideh is a fact.
For over a year now already.

After hearing the results were negative I needed time to do some thinking, get used to the fact it is no match, re-energize and getting busy already with the contact of the other families who responded to the newspaper.

So yes a new family, new story, new details… I will let you know about these families a bit later in the week.

Thank you for your patience, support, sweet words and smiles!
Much appreciated.

With love,

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2 Responses to Happy NOWROOZ!

  1. Alja says:

    Lieve, lieve dame,
    Long time no see, maar pas op want ik volg je op de voet! Daarom deze reactie want ik voel me soms toch een beetje een voyeur :-s
    Jouw doorzettingsvermogen in deze zoektocht is zeer bewonderingswaardig. Houd vol en volg je hart. En ik hoop (en volgens mij vele met mij) dat deze inspanningen je zullen opleveren waar je op gehoopt hebt. Hele dikke kus en goodluck!!!
    Xxx Alja

  2. zahra says:

    khoda qovat!

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