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My friends in Tehran had arranged that a friend of them would host the family in Mashhad as the family do not own a computer themselves. At Thursday night I heard that the host had a friend over from… the Netherlands, so she could translate the call for me into Dutch. What a coincedence! I was still searching for a friend to support me here on this side, as I knew there would at least be around 5 people in Mashhad for the Skype call and I didn’t want to expercience the call all by myself. Luckily for me, a friend of mine asked if we could have lunch on Friday, so I invited her to come to my place, we had lunch and in the meantime I was preparing myself for the call. I wanted to record it all so I did.

Twenty minutes before the call, I already got a message that they were ready on the other side. HELP, hahaha I needed some more minutes to decide what to wear and then we started the call. As I was calling I got so incredible nervous! If he is my biological dad, this will be THE moment we meet again… virtually that is.

The connection and video call came through.. there they were… First the host introduced himself to me, second his friend introduced herself in Dutch. Then there was silence for a moment while I was watching the father of missing Aghdas. He was right in the centre… looking at me. ‘Salaam’ he said. With a huge smile I answered; ‘Salaam.’  Then I got introduced to his son who was sitting next to him, his wife and his daughter-in-law.

All of a sudden there are 6 Iranians from Mashhad in my living room! I forgot the breathe and my body started trembling like crazy. I couldn’t control anything anymore it seemed. Then I heard somebody in Dutch asking me; ‘Do you have any questions?’
‘Yes I do!’ I answered. I asked questions in Dutch and he answered in Farsi. We were sitting right in front of each other. This was my view:


His (new) family always knew about his first child, his daughter Aghdas. They are very open about this and he seems as such an open and genuine man. I received more details and these are the facts:
– Aghdas was born during wintertime
– Aghdas stayed with her mother for three months
– Aghdas then stayed three months with her dad
– Aghdas was left without any information at the Imam Reza Mausoleum

I was discovered at the same spot in the beginning of July without any information.

It all makes sense to me to do a DNA test.

So the girl who has translated the call for me will bring the cottonswaps with his DNA to the Netherlands, and I will pick this up when she returns from Iran in about two or three weeks time. So the DNA will be tested here in the Netherlands, and hopefully by the end of May we will receive the results! Inshallah.

Ali Akhbar is 57 years old and retired now, he used to be a farmer. He has one sister and 4 brothers. His dad is still alive at the age of 85, his mother has died. He has 4 sons with his wife and they have four grandchildren, three boys and one girl. He told me that he likes to listen to others and give them support in every way he can.

These are pictures of Ali Akhbar when he was a young man, holding up two melons!

Father of Aghdas    Father of Aghdas

PS. Love is nothing other than finding the truth. -RUMI-

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  1. Asi says:

    I was shocked by seeing the YouTube photo !!he incredibly looks like u!!

  2. Reza says:

    Love is nothing other than finding the truth.

  3. M. says:

    Wat bijzonder!
    Fijn dat dit ook zo kan met alle skype-mogelijkheden etc.
    Super spannend weer voor je!!

  4. Alja says:

    Wauw, Amazing the resemblance! Wat spannend! X

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