Just wanted to show you some pictures to show you I had huge eyebrows before I discovered the beauty specialist… and I had a ‘moustache’, or at least people told me I had one, so I became very counsious about it. That was an embarrassment for me while growing up. Herewith some pictures for you to see when I was an insecure teenager with lots of fears for the outer world!

1985 – 10 years incl. braces (Aalsmeer) /   1993 – 18 years (Zeeland)
Farideh_10 yrss   Farideh in Zeeland 1993_

1990 -15 years (London)


PS. Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. -Anne Frank-

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  1. zahra says:

    Hi farideh
    im shocked to see ur similarities whit him…
    very very very very happy for u

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