Iranian DNA arrived at Schiphol Airport

I just got back from the airport… and I met Sara!

I was informed that she would arrive at 10.30 am today. I bought some white roses as a welcome- and thank you present for Sara. I texted her and waited around Arrival 3. It was a direct flight from Tehran to Amsterdam with Iran Air. I noticed more Iranians were waiting so I knew I was at the right spot. The Iranian women always look flawless. Perfect hair, make-up, faces.. they are gorgeous! I am observing the families with great interest and curious eyes, I feel SO proud that I belong to them in a way. Sometimes the feeling of the belonging and love overwhelmes me, and I can not ignore that I have been missing that my entire life. The flight was around 1,5 hours late and the airplane landed ten minutes before noon at Schiphol Airport todat!

Ali Akhbar’s DNA has arrived in the Netherlands, the father of missing Aghdas.

He has done his part of the test last Friday and now it is up to me to send it to the DNA agency and wait patiently for 10 working days, before the results will be released.

If the DNA is good enough for research.


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  1. Reza says:

    Has anybody told you that you have the potential for being a good author? If not so, I would like to say, good writing.

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