DNA is on it’s way..

to the DNA agency in the south of the Netherlands.

I have a track and trace, and it should arrive today between 15-17h.
So tomorrow I will be receiving the official deadline date for the results! If the DNA is usefull for examination!

Do Aghdas and I, Farideh, share the same heart?
Do we share the same bodies, blood and history?
Do I have the same father as Aghdas?
Is Aghdas the start of my life which I have been looking for?
Did Aghdas become Farideh?
Am I Aghdas?

To me Aghdas and I are still two human beings, with a connecting story.
Will our lives match after the DNA results?

Precious time and research will define if we are a match.
Hallelujah to DNA.

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Persian Soul in Dutch Life. Flying down to earth.
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