Phone call..

Today just two hours before I had checked on the track and trace site that the DNA had been delivered, I received a phone call. An anonymous one.
Usually I don’t answer them as they are trying to sell you stuff. Though this time I answered the phone. It was Docter W. from the DNA agency!
Already?! I thought..

He told me: ‘The DNA of Ali Akhbar doesn’t look alive as it very brown coloured.’ ‘The first DNA with Tayebeh, Zahra’s mother, in August last year was brown coloured too.’ I reminded him. ‘That is true.’ he said, ‘but I have a feeling if I will do the test it might result in nothing again, like in December with the family of Fatemeh. I am not sure.’
He explained again in details how it should have been done.

I know now what it is, it has to do with the season we are in too. So first I am going to fix it. And once I have done that, I will tell you what it is. It is not important. It is nobodies fault, we just missed a crucial thing along the way.
I am going to Skype with my friends in Iran tomorrow, ask Ali Akhbar once again for his DNA and.. by truely coincedence I spoke with an Iranian lady tonight and her family is visiting Iran as we speak.

So Angels are by my side and life takes turns where you don’t expect them. It is all about how you cope with it and let’s move on with a smile.
Ofcourse the smile was not anywhere near me the first hour as it felt that I had failed complety. The two hours of joy after the delivery felt sweet and sour now.

FindFarideh continues.

About elinexplores

I am Eline Farideh, sometimes I am Eline and most of the time Farideh too . Always writing from both views. ElinExplores and I will Find Farideh in the meantime. Iranian Dutch. Persian Soul in Dutch Life. Flying down to earth. With love and light. For you.. and I.
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1 Response to Phone call..

  1. Reza says:

    The brown-colored head on swabs, is a side effect of autoclave apparatus on cotton material, while sterilization.
    If the color of swab is an important subject of his test, My question is, why you don’t to send some swabs from NL to Iran with your friends?

    Just as a follower of your blog, not as a guy that you may know….
    kindly….I would like to say:
    …. I suspect to answers not only for Tayebeh test but also for the 2nd family, too,…… how to accept this claim if the swab color affect result of test..?, How it didn’t affect in previous…..?
    …. but it is your journey…
    …I wish you good luck.

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