News from the DNA agency

This morning I made a phonecall to the DNA agency to check if they received the new DNA. The lady on the phone couldn’t answer me so she told me that Docter W. would call me back. And he did.

He told me the following:
The new DNA has fungus on them so they can not be used for examination.

I was totally spooked… This wasn’t the answer I was expecting at all! After all the right preperations, it went wrong somewhere again… I felt lost at that moment. I just couldn’t understand where and what went wrong. Fungus?! What is nature telling me this time!

He said I am going to send you a picture to show you..


The first is brown, the one I sent in the first time.
The second has fungus on them, the one I sent the second time.
The third is white, to show me how it should look like.

Then we decided to take the chance to examen the first I sent in. Hopefully Reza’s comment is indeed true and let’s hope for the best.

Docter W. told me the results of the DNA will be ready next week (Friday the 16th), hopefully before the weekend and if not, on Monday the 19th…

I am praying to the Angels that the DNA will be good enough for research.
FindFarideh continues.

Good night and sweet dreams for now.

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3 Responses to News from the DNA agency

  1. M. says:

    Pfoe zeg, zit ook niet mee! Hopelijk is het DNA goed genoeg om te onderzoeken…
    Spannend zo voor je! Take care.X

  2. Reza says:

    Hoe zit het met de andere monsters, zoals haren en nagels?
    What about the other samples, such as hair and fingernails?

  3. Reza says:

    to found fungus and bacteria on a non-sterile object or non-well sterilized material, is a normal thing.
    P.S.Pray to GOD Almighty, not to angels.

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