Official date

is set for Wednesday 21st of May for the results of the DNA test between Ali Akhbar and I.
Hopefully sooner though according to Docter W.’s statement.

In the meantime exciting things are happening;

– The 20th of May I will have an interesting meeting which has to do with my past too. Can not say more about this for now, but I will tell you all about it later on. It is something I have had on my mind for years and two weeks ago I finally took the step in that dream’s direction. Following my heart, with a bit of delay as always;)

– I also decided to place my YouTube video blog which I made the 1st of November 2013.
Why now? As I should have done it in November.
I made about 10 takes and this is the last one. I am not completely happy about my English, my pronunciation of the way I am saying Farideh, the hesitations, the whispering, the length as it is way too long. That is the perfect voice in me, there are many reasons to find not to show you this video blog.
Though I placed it on YouTube right away, but never posted it here. I asked my friends what they thought about it. Some were positive, others were hesitating as they are afraid it might be mis-used in any way..
I am learning more and more to listen to my own intuition and not to be distracted of what other people might think or let my insecurity win.
I actually wanted to edit this in a total of 1 minute and edit it with Persian subtitles, but I recorded it the wrong way (technical issue) so it couldn’t be done.

So here it is, it is not perfect but it is genuine and that is what counts:

Find Farideh continues.
Deo volente.

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