One day before..

the day I might receive a phonecall… will this phonecall devide my life in two?

My life before the call…

My life after the call…

I am in a very positive flow at the moment which makes me incredible happy.

– Today I met my new buddy for a project of Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland. I voluntarily work with refugees to help them speak/read Dutch. She is my 3rd buddy and she is a beautiful lady from Sudan. She speaks Dutch already and needs more practice with her pronunciation. Looking forward to start working with her!
– The last week I have been working 3 times at my work with the 22 homeless youth, and I must say, I love my job. I do. I enjoy spending time with them, talking, listening, interacting. I feel blessed that they enrich my life.
– Tomorrow I will start working to teach expats Dutch. I will meet my first client and am excited to meet him!
– Yesterday I received an invitation for an interview as an assistant-social worker at a very unique spot just outside Amsterdam. What a great feeling it is, as somebody keeps her promise to you.
– Tomorrow I will do a photo shoot with my brother, which I love doing.
– Monday I will volunteer kids with the Olympic Sportweek and assist them with the games. Their vision is; Sport is not about winning, it is the participation which counts.
– I started doing Bikram Yoga again which always helps me to reconnect with my body & mind.
– The sun is visible and gives me gratitude, humbleness and energy. I love spring and being outdoors.

I love living my life.
I love everybody who chooses to be in my life and they make me feel alive and loved.
I am gratefull to all of them.

I am counting my blessings today.
What a beautiful day it is!

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2 Responses to One day before..

  1. M. says:

    Wat spannend! Lijkt me echt zo bizar om in jouw schoenen te staan. Goede dingen gebeuren in je leven, hopelijk sluit de uitkomst vd test daarbij aan..
    Leuk trouwens om je YouTube film te zien, sowieso leuk je eens te zien en te horen, ken je natuurlijk alleen schrijvend. Je bent prachtig!
    Hou vol meid!! X

  2. Judith says:

    Wat een goede energie……super….ik voel ‘hem’ helemaal stromen na het lezen van je gevoel, je belevenissen en avonturen!
    Als 1 deur opent……volgt de rest…..x

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