This weekend I was visiting my dear friend in Leiden. She’s wonderful and always the perfect host. Fingerfood dinner in excellence. Super gezellig. It’s a dutch word which can not be translated into English. It is saying you are having a good time. Gezellig.

So we went in town as it was museum night, we were late and missed the musea so we went to an afterparty instead. We bought some drinks-to-go at the night shop and there was this incredible charming guy behind the counter.. and he told me right away:
You are Iranian. ‘Yes I am! How do you know’ ‘I can just tell you are an Iranian woman. It is in the eyes he said, in your glance.’ I said: ‘I am from Mashhad! And you?’ he answered a bit confused: ‘Mashhad yes how do you know I am from there.’ I told him: ‘No I don’t know, I am from Mashhad too.’ Later he confessed to me that according to his opinion, Iranian women are the most beautiful women in the world. I nodded approvingly and smiled.

Ever since he realized I was born in Mashhad too, he was even more welcoming us. He took me and my friends to another part of the store to show me he’s really from Mashhad. I thought he wanted to show me a picture of Mashhad but he showed me his driving licence to prove he is. He wasn’t rushed, he was present. It lights up the sky for me.

At moment of these I feel SO Iranian. I feel proud and loved, I keep realizing that every person from Iran is so warm, charming and connected. It just feels different and special. I was always a Dutch girl who got adopted from Iran. That is different.

And at the same time I am now reconnecting with my people and they are enlightning souls, the Iranians, they speak from soul to soul. Open, refined and humble. With great smiles.

The Iranian history is so different from the Dutch history. Worlds apart. And yet I live in a Dutch one far away from Iran. Luckely for me Iranians are living all over the world.
How beautiful is that!

I love feeling Iranian and anyone who aknowledge that in me.
Thank you Milad (‘birth’) for connecting.
Follow your dream!

I am Farideh (‘unique’) too.

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  1. Reza says:

    Good Luck for you and Mr. “Milad”.

    Keep continue…

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