This evening I received a phonecall from Docter W. from the DNA agency….

He said the following: ‘Unfortunately there is no usefull DNA on the cottonswaps for research.’


If I could scream on top of my lungs right now, I would.
If I could do the DNA examination myself, I would.
If I could choose my birth father Ali Akhbar, I would.

I am done with waiting for news.
I am done with indirect contact with alleged family members.
I am done talking about going to Iran.

I am going.
Thank god for that.

Thank you all for your support and sweet words.
Find Farideh continues.. what else is new;)

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3 Responses to Flatliner

  1. Asi says:

    Oh gosh
    It’s really disappointing 🙁 in my view ,go to Iran for doing DNA test and also for seeing ur beautiful motherland ,it’s much better than waiting for long time
    Good luck

  2. M. says:

    Nooo!Jak, wat frustrerend!
    Weet niets anders te zeggen..
    Keep going strong!

  3. Reza says:


    Confused… Strongly go ahead

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