DNA test in Iran

Today my friends in Tehran have an appointment with Professor Dr. D who is a specialist in DNA research. The thought is now to ask Ali Akbar (I wrote his name with an h, and heard that this is not the correct way of writing it) to travel from Mashhad to Tehran to donate his blood or saliva for research.

I asked my friends to translate my letter which I wrote to him a week ago. Hope he likes it. So waiting time has arrived again and let’s hope for a quick procedure!

I will end this post with some good news… I have got a (second) job!
As an assistent social worker at a biological farm just outside Amsterdam. They offer work and housing at the farm for people who can not live on their own.

So now I have two jobs, one with the homeless youth in a city near Amsterdam and one at the farm both guiding people through life, how wonderful is that!

Find Farideh continues.

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  1. M. says:

    Hi, congrats with your new (second) job! Seems to me as a great job! Hope you’ll have a good time there.
    If he donates his blood would that be send te hore for further testing? Or do you have to send samples to them?

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