Find Farideh is back

Apologies for neglecting you, my readers, and myself too. I have been working a lot which is great. Though not writing means no reflection for myself too. And I have missed it!! There is still no news to tell you, so I kept quiet and stopped writing.

My project Find Farideh is on hold, but behind the screen there is a lot of work for those who are helping me further with Find Farideh. Hopefully more news soon!

My patience is being tested over and over again.
It is out of my hands so it feels like.
Though if everything goes well, it will be breaking news.
A dream come true, it should be plural then.
Dreams coming true. Fingers crossed.

Times are changing. The summer left.
Autumn has started.. leaves in all colours are marking the season, yellow, red, fading green and the lower radiation of our sun makes the light turn into magic views. The temperature reduces, emmigration birds start leaving to the south and at those moment I wish I am one of them. Following the warmth of the sun.

Another big change in my life is that I have been babysitting the cutest girl since January 2013 untill September 2014. She was 4 months when I started. She was there with me at some important phonecalls to and from Iran. Every Friday we were together. She was absolutely the highlight of each week to me. Pure love, pure fun and pure laughters. We shared beautiful moments and I am gratefull I could experience her development upclose. From the stinky diapers, snottering nose to all the cuddles we shared. When she became two years old this September, she and her beautiful baby sister, her  parents emigrated to another part of the world. By babysitting her from the age of 4 months to 2 years old, I nurtered myself in the meantime, the same age I spent in the orphanage, so I nurtered the lost baby I once was. Complete harmony. Love at it’s purest. I feel so blessed.

Alisha is a true angel and forever in my heart. I miss you and at the same time I know you are growing up at a beautiful island with lot’s of sun, sea and fun.
Love Always.

FindFarideh continues, at least in writing for now.


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  1. Anna says:

    💗 love to see you’re back ! Still hoping and wishing for the right results. 💗

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