The Persian language Farsi.

Tonight I tried to watch a movie but the only thing in my mind came up is that I just want to listen to the sound of the language. Not the meaning. It is the way I am used to. Was used to. To me listening to the language offers me comfort, safety, reassurance and warmth. I imagine myself in the orphanage at six months old listening to the voices of the care takers. Farsi. I love the way they talk, the tone, the flavor, the variaty, they dance with words. Honestly. It is the Iranian dance with only the feelings and without the words. To me. And by learning the language I change my own relationship with my language. The sounds become words, it surprises you. The melody will fly off if you know what I mean. It’s not about my own imagination anymore, it is about what the words are. It’s grown up and not the littly baby I once was when I left Iran. I am going to meet Iran and I will talk a bit of Farsi to connect. I owe that to myself.

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  1. Asi says:

    Glad to hear you’re learning farsi ,it’s the most sweetest language in the world!believe me,I’m telling you without any bias! As you become more fluent in Farsi ,you will see what I’ve said to you 🙂
    Also if you like to hear a sweet persian voice ,look up in YouTube :” Googoosh” (my favourite singer!!)
    Specially one of her songs that is relevant to your post:” googoosh gahvareh”

    • Reza says:

      I agree…
      There is a very famous poem-proverb in Persian about Persian Language. I am not a good translator in Literary text, it says: All parrots of India would have been sweet talk, because of Persian language has gone to India.

      Joking: all Indian parrots might die by diabetic if they speak Farsi. Specially Mashhad’s accent. I love it.

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