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(written in Dutch originally, English version below – 23 oktober 2014. )

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Positive energy

As that is about life. I learn to watch the residents to their positive sides. To strengthen, compliment and grow. Then the uncertainty, fears and negative feelings disappear. I see them as they are, I make eye contact and I meet each person with a smile. I help them on their way with life.
How grateful.

-And I also met another residents on the farm .. like this beauty!-

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My work in Zunderdorp (municipality Waterland) north of Amsterdam. The residents are all beautiful people with their own story.

They work and live on a little farm and I accompanied their life after daytime activities. I go shopping with them to the doctor, to the gym, little bikes and every time I cook with them for them. Usually for 13 residents we cook delicious organic food. I have never seen so many different meals cooked in the past five months. Really delicious, I grow in that area a lot. On the farm grow as a person and I‘m going relationships with the residents and colleagues. We laugh a lot I can say that, lot’s of great quotes! I coach a couple of ladies and we get to know each other more and more. We share joys and sorrows with each other. We fall and stand up again.

As our hero Nelson Mandela said.

The greatest glory in living
lies not in never falling,
but in rising every time we fall. ”

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My other work with 22 roof and homeless youth in Haarlem.

Since I now work more than 1.5 years and work there lately little. Very unfortunate. The new residents do not often see me and also on weekends, which means that half is staying anyway.

Here it is also nice, I spend enough fun moments and conversations with young people. It is fascinating how they live, but there are many more things at that time ..


Everyone stands in its own way of life and some show nothing of themselves and others do.

It’s fine to guide them in their home at the time.
I am open, direct and honest with them and always with a smile.

Since the atmosphere may change quickly. From positive to negative. Many arguments and the other always did it.
With an attitude.
They are angry at the world, society, their lives, themselves.
Me too sometimes.

Never a dull moment for sure.

The contrasts of sweet rebellious urban youth challenging wicked funny and sweet smile assigns, occasional outburst but mainly a feel good life on the care farm in the middle of the meadows, is to be framed.

It keeps me in balance.

Nor do I see it as a job but as a privilege to be there.
With positive energy.



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