IDFA Audience favorites today at Pathé Thuschinski

This was my programm for today: IDFA Audience favorites

1. Queen of Silence; about a deaf girl growing up in a Gypsy familie in Poland. She is a beautiful girl who loves to dance. She will eventually leave the family as they treated her as stupid. She’s great, they don’t get it. Frustrating!

2. Hip Hop-eration. Elderly living on an Island near Christchurch NZ who are going to attend the award best of hip hop in Vegas US. Funny and heartbreaking. Lot’s of tears down my cheeks anyway. You get to know the contestants and they are so adorable, it is outstanding. It was genourous. Thank you coach. You are a warm hearted person, for anyone. Respect.

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3. If mama ain’t happy, nobody is happy; Short graduation movie.  Dutch funny mother who speaks to her beautiful daughter, the graduate, and they talk about her mothers life, she raised two children by herself by choice.

4. Alive Inside; Music with people with parkinson and alzheimer diseases in US. Great documentairy of a film maker Cohen I watched last year at the best of IDFA, anyway, his film is beautiful. Heartbreaking to see the effect of music to people, in specially people who live on their own in a dreadful unpleasant hospital look livings. They get lots of medicine, and then the music changes everything, this memory has been there the longest. It is in their mind and their body. In their moves. Memories with music. We all have them. Lot’s of tears too.

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5. Naziha’s Spring; Dutch film about a Marrocan lady with ten children in Amsterdam Nieuw West. She is divorced and has 9 sons and one daughter. Powerful integrated lady with roots in Marocco who fights for her children. What a love. Beautiful. She is an example for many others I am sure, she is to me. Lot’s of laughters and fun too.

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