22 December 1975

is my birthday as it is stated in my passport. When I got adopted the docter in the hospital in Tehran checked my wrists by X-ray to examin how old I am. So it could be a month more or less. Lot’s of people in the world do not know their exact birthday, I am definitely not the only one here.

It is the first day after the Yalda night, which is a national celebration day of the longest night of the year in Iran and after that the days will become a bit lighter again each day. Yay!

Winter has officialy started now too. There is lot’s of snow falling down today in the Netherlands, though not yet in Amsterdam.

I started celebrating my birthday on Saturday the 20th, I invited friends over at my house. We had a good party, a special one this time! On Sunday I was invited for dinner by a dear friend and at my birthday I worked at the social farm. They made a beautiful cake with the (shocking) numbers 39 on top! Funny detail is, it was hand made by two of the residents and the cake at first said 93, so they had to change that in the right number, haha! Very sweet and they made me feel very special that day!

At Christmas my brother, his girlfriend and my dear cousin were having dinner at my cousin. It was our own preference this year to be together with our generation of the family. My cousin is a star in the kitchen so we enjoyed his vegetarian food a lot!

And today it is my mother’s birthday, she is turning 70 years! We will celebrate this tomorrow with family and her friends at lunchtime.

Last year was a very important year. I was busy arranging DNA test with the 2nd family of Fatemeh and in april Ali Akbar responded to my 3rd article in the Khorasan Newspaper. He and I are still waiting for doing the DNA test to find out if he is my birth father.
I also started working at the farm which made me realize how much I love to work at a positive place with the right people.

I look forward to the new year in which I finally will go back to my roots, to my homeland Iran and visit the families I have done DNA tests with. To me the journey Find Farideh has been so rewarding, it is not only about finding my biological parents. It is about getting in touch with my Iranian heart and soul. I will find Farideh. In Iran.

In my next post I will release the exciting news which I couldn’t tell you before about my project Find Farideh. So stay tuned!

Thank you for reading, seeing and acknowledging me.
With love,

PSEverything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself. -Rumi-

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  1. Good to hear things are going well!! That’s awesome!

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