Happy 2015

First I would like to take the opportunity to wish you a brilliant 2015! I hope your dreams come true and you will make the most out of life and love in good health!

Having said that I am now able to share with you the exciting news around my search Find Farideh! It’s the first day of a very special year… 2015!

At the end of January 2014 I received an e-mail from two filmmakers from Tehran, Iran. Their names are Azadeh Moussavi and Kourosh Ataee. They told me they are interested to make a movie about my life, my search and return to Iran.

They contacted Thomas Erdbrink,  after reading a similar story about Niloe (my adopted friend from Esfahan) in the Hamshari in December 2013, which was arranged by Niloe’s dad. Thomas, who’d brought back the DNA of Soghra (sister of missing Fatemeh), to the Netherlands for me during that time, addressed them directly to me.

I immidiately accepted their offer. I was thrilled to realize they support me with this journey and search! The past year we have been e-mailing, done Skype sessions, they interviewed friends and family to get a clear vision of my life. For the script of…

Finding Farideh – the film

At the moment we are still in the pre-production fase. We are searching for a suitable co-producer in the Netherlands, which takes a bit of time. So this is the reason why Ali Akbar (alleged father) and I are still in the waiting modus for the DNA test and its result.

I feel incredible humble and gratefull for Azadeh and Kourosh to follow me each step of this search and to stand by me and believe in me. It means the world to me and more!

So Find Farideh will once turn into Finding Farideh, my first return to my sweet homeland Iran!


Happy 2015 my beloved readers and thank you for your support and for connecting.

About elinexplores

Persian Soul in Dutch Life. Flying down to earth.
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1 Response to Happy 2015

  1. Marjan says:

    Wat fijn voor je lieverd!!! Weet je al wanneer je naar Iran gaat? Ik hoop dat 2015 een geweldig jaar voor je wordt met antwoorden op al je vragen!

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