My home is my castle..

I am living in my  appartment, ground floor in Amsterdam. It is where I come at ease. Where I relax after work. It is where I invite friends to have dinner with me, candlelight always a must. To dance, to eat, to listen, to talk, to drink and to be together with as many laughters as possible. To love. And love each moment of spending time;

To reflect, to raise up the sparkles of love into feeling loved for eternity which is to be in love ecstacy.

Celebrate life always, this is a picture of my place just before my friends arrived last year December at my birthday.. when I became 38 years old.

I adore my Dutch home.
With Iranian touches ofcourse.


I share my castle with 2 buddies.
Sabi and Bal. My two cats.

Sabi is a shy small older woman, black and white and 9 years of age. She is mostly sleeping, she has a fetish for shoes when awake.  She loves to sit on my lap, preferebly with her behind towards me looking away. She doesn’t like eyecontact one bit. She has beautiful bright green killer eyes!

Sabi (Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa) – 2011:


Bal is 4 years and a strong grey beautiful couloured man. He is outside for almost all of the time, playing and sometimes screaming at neighbour cats, he comes in and eates. Or cuddles with me. He makes eyecontact and is curious in general and talks a lot. He has green adorable eyes too.

Bal (Bali, Indonesia) – 2013:


They are both half Persian.

PS. Sweet music: one of my favorite songs ‘Green eyes’ of Coldplay..


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