Having troubles again to express myslf here.. as you have probably noticed.

I feel vulnerable.

It feels I have no words left anymore.
I started my search, which is still unfinished.
Ali Akbar and I are waiting to do the DNA test.
One year of waiting has passed.

How does he feel?
Will our DNA melt as one?
I think I have his eyes, but do I really?

I truly believe in the making of Finding Farideh, but all I can think of…

When can I visit Iran?
When will it be finally MY TIME TO GO.

My parents always promised me while growing up ‘when you are 18 years old we will visit Iran’. They never kept their promise to me.

I have searched for any other distraction since then.. I travelled the world, I visited each continent except for Antartica, I chased my dreams, devoloped myself and yet I am still this little girl who dreams about her return to the country where I was born, where I also was abandoned and where I met my new family who took me to the Netherlands.

Life is fragile.
Life takes turns when least expected.
My longing will be rewarded in the end.
That will be a new beginning.
To return home. To love.
All parts within me.
To move forward.
And to let go.

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Persian Soul in Dutch Life. Flying down to earth.
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  1. YEKTA says:

    Dear Farideh,
    I can’t understand why you are waiting to come to Iran?! there is no doubt you must come soon and find out what’s the truth ! You complain about family’s promise,you are fully grown to do that your self ,I suppose even in 18 !
    I hope you’ll find your eyes in Iran.
    have a nice Doshanbeh !

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