Adventure is adrenaline

running through my veins at the moment since Monday.
Find Farideh turned in something bigger, a movie about me. Ieks. I get so nervous all of a sudden. Is it really going to happen? My ultimate goal is visiting Iran. Knowing how it feels to be there. Surrounded by Iranians. If the date of arrival is set, with or without you, I fly. I will be flying to the stars in eternal light which is my sweet homeland Iran. I can not wait. That will be the moment for me to let go too. Of missing and longing. For so long.
A once in a life journey to find the other part within me. To ground even more. To turn pain into beauty and to turn loneliness in connection with humble love for all and myself.
Because I am grateful to have you in my life, anyone who choses to be in my life I adore. It is that simple. So yes I adore you too. Thank you for reading me.
I am actually a really nice person and sometimes I want to stay as far away about the project just because the subject is just so heavy sometimes. It’s about my existence, you know sometimes there has to be time for relaxation. To feel light and not think about a thing. Being in balance. Because I love to laugh and have fun in the meantime because that is what I am doing in life too! Postive minded and have the greatest time while you are there. That is I.

I will keep you updated every day now as I need to express myself during these exciting times! The world is mine and yours, so let’s combine the power of the internet. I am a believer of reaching out on social media and therefor be noticed, we all want to be heard and seen. I am not scared at all, I have faith in the right outcome for me. As I am going to express myself here on this journey in English. Sometimes I wish I could write Dutch, and I will sometimes. It’s my second language in life but it became my mother tongue. Farsi is the language with emotions and eyecontact without the words to me, my first language in life.

All of a sudden I realize I am also the person responsible for the campaign of Finding Farideh in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Together with Azadeh and Kourosh ofcourse. But the pressure is ON all of a sudden. Asking people for help is kind of not my thing. I want to do everything on my own but sometimes I have to admit I can not do everything on my own. I need help. It is that simple.

Help me spreading my story and video, do not forget I will be all about having fun in Iran too and be serious on one side and totally have fun on the other side! Because I laugh about myself and life and I cry about the pain in my veins too. It is all about balance. And having fun while doing it.

Find Farideh is hopefully turning into Finding Farideh.
Friends of mine and my brother and his friends already made a start!
Every euro helps. I am grateful for you caring with me.

Manoon – thank you – dank je wel!
With love,

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Persian Soul in Dutch Life. Flying down to earth.
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