Finding Farideh in the media

Last Monday I was being interviewed by a very well-known radiohost Marco Werman for the radioshow The World at PRI (Public Radio International) located in the US.

If you like to hear the interview, this is the interview!

Many thanks to Shirin and Marco for noticing me, I feel honoured.

The project Finding Farideh is also published on Iranian websites.
Herewith the links for all those who read Farsi:

Iranian Students’ News Agency

Khabar Online

This week I am reaching out to the Dutch media with press-reports.
Let’s wait and see what happens next.

And again this is the site to the crowfunding page for Finding Farideh:

Thank YOU for donating and your investment to realize Finding Farideh!

We all live now so we’d better make the best of it while we still have time in order to do so.

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