In loving memory..

Last week I received a message of a friend of mine with the words;

Please call me. It is urgent.

You can not deny a message like that. So I walked outside as I was at work and phoned him. Hoping the urgency wouldn’t be one deviding my life in two parts as I have experienced before. Unfortunately it did.

Our friend had died. Out of the blue. I was in shock. This is not possible I told him, I am meeting her this Friday!

I met her 5 years ago on a holiday as we shared mutual friends. The past days I was busy griefing and mourning. Life pauses when you lose someone special.

The present hurts like a knife in my heart taking away a piece of my heart. You want time to turn back. You are dealing with so many emotions… unbelief, anger, questionmarks, sadness, pain and unbelief again. There are things in life which we will never understand and dying young is one of them.

She was full of life, she was power woman herself with the sweetest heart.
A loving mother of two incredible daughters. She was one of a kind. Positive minded and always with a smile, open and genuine.

We shared our love for live music, good times and many laughters. Last month we celebrated her birthday, she became 45 years old. This is the last picture she sent me of her birthday..

In loving memory Sweetheart,
may you rest in peace..
For always in my heart.


PS. Dance away in heaven baby!  -Farideh-

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