Countdown: 11 days left and 32%!!

At this point the crowdfunding campaign will last for only 11 days… it ends at Saturday 29th of august at 12.00 o’clock. We now have reached 32% of 10.000 euro, which is a lot but definetely not enough! It’s now or never.

Mixed feelings the past days, one day I am up and generate free publicity and inform people about Finding Farideh who have been an inspiration to me for so many years.

The other day reality hits me even harder, the emotions of missing someone. To start a life without that person, without that inspiration on earth and with the inspiration of the knowledge to have met and known her. To take that energy and happiness with me and take chances in life.

Do not hide anymore behind the wall of shame, loneliness or fear. Be out there and tell them what matters in life, to turn around the sadness into happiness.

To pay it forward, to touch other peoples lives, to be inspired and inspire.
For happiness in the world. To connect and to feel free.

It is I who started all of this so let’s make my dream and now our dream with Finding Farideh into one we never forget. A beautiful collaboration between the Netherlands and Iran.

Will I survive my own identity crisis (as written in the introduction of Finding Farideh: during recording the film Finding Farideh?
I will. I am on a spiritual journey too and am ready to set myself free.

And do a DNA test with Ali Akbar. When the deadline approaches the date of meeting him will be closer. We both connected in april 2014 and we still don’t know if I am his daughter and he is my father. We have done two DNA tests in the past, but all failed. The third one is yet to come. Will I be Aghdas and find Farideh?

It’s up to you too. It’s up to you if you like to support the fire in my belly. It is that simple. The fire to feel alive. That is the one. Turning dream into reality. And this is mine.
Find Farideh continues in Finding Farideh the film from Amsterdam (the Netherlands) to Tehran and Mashhad (Iran). Only if you let me.

With love,

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